New Hanoi in photo exhibition

Published:  09:43 Monday - July 11, 2011

New Hanoi in photo exhibition

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, it's developed day after day not only for economy but also for people, culture and social. Hanoi is more and more beautiful both in the past as well as at the moment that attract many domestic tourists, foreign tourists and international travel tours to Vietnam. Recently, one of activities to promote Hanoi's beauty, develop Hanoi travel as well as Vietnam travel in general is the exhibition of the first Hanoi artistic photo festival, entitled “Hanoi – Renovation, Development and Integration”, werw on display at the Exhibition House 45 Trang Tien Street, Hanoi.

"Beauty of Ho Chi Minh city" Photo Festival from now to August

Hanoi of Vietnam has more than 1000 years of history together with many changes from the past to now. Through the exhibition, tourists who travel to Vietnam as  well as Vietnamese people had a chance to look 126 photos by nearly 100 photographers are chosen for the exhibition. The organizing board presented three silver, three bronze and five consolation prizes.

Below are the best photos of Hanoi which contribute to promote Hanoi's beauty to all Vietnamese people and International friends, develop Hanoi travel as well as Vietnam travel in general.

Xuan Chinh’s “Hanoi feeling” (silver medal).

“Singing about 1000-year-old Thang Long” by Pham Huy Khang (silver medal).

“Grandfather and grandson” by Hoang Ngoc Thach (silver medal).

Nguyen Duc Can’s “Hanoi ceramic road” (bronze medal).

“Spring sunlight” by Nguyen Quang Tuan (bronze medal).


“Calligrapher’s street” by Xuan Chinh (bronze medal)


“Drastic” by Tran Thanh Hai (consolation prize).


“Lantern festival” by Vu Quang Ngoc (consolation prize).


“The city’s western area” by Dinh Quang Thanh (consolation prize).


“For beloved Japan” by Vu Quang Huy (consolation prize).


Nguyen Huynh Mai’s “Gratefulness” (Leica prize).


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