Brilliant colors of Vietnamese costumes

Published:  00:32 Thursday - December 29, 2011

Brilliant colors of Vietnamese costumes

Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country with 54 distinct groups, each with its own language, lifestyle, and cultural heritage. So, each having unique and specific styles of clothing. Their reunion is very brilliant.

Recently, a large traditional costume show for 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups  was held at the Vietnam Culture and Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups in Dong Mo, Hanoi, under the direction of the Committee for Ethnic Groups and the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

The first  traditional costume show  for 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups becomes a reunion of cultural colors.


Kinh costumes are really graceful


Dress of H'mong girl is spread and colorful as tail peacock


Khang and Xinh Mun girls meet together in the festival


Pa then costumes


Ta Oi costumes


Thai costumes


M’nong costumes


Mong costumes


 Co Ho costumes


Pu Peo costumes



Dao costumes


Tay costumes


Dao couple with their costumes


Cong costumes


 Day costumes


Cham girl is mysterious with the tradional hooded scaft.


Conical hat  of Ha Nhi people

Khang men with the funny hat made of  tree bank


Lo Lo girl is radiant with black wrap around her head .

Colorful hooded scaff of Khang girl


If you in Vietnam travel have chance to visit mountainous area of vietnam, you should contemplate the beauty of colorful these dresses and clothes. 


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