Sunrise at Vietnam’s famous tourist destinations

Published:  08:52 Friday - November 25, 2016

Sunrise at Vietnam’s famous tourist destinations

The beauty of well-known tourist sites in Vietnam at dawn can be seen in the following photos.

1. Fansipan

Fansipan is known as the roof of Vietnam as well as Indochina. It is one of the places where you may relish the most beautiful sunrise in Vietnam. The image of dawn and smog among wide open space is stunning. 

2. Bach Moc Luong Tu 

You will face many obstacles as well as difficulties when conquering Bach Moc Luong Tu mount. However, if you have a chance to come, you cannot forget the space with an ocean of clouds.

3. Ma Pi Leng

According to Mandarin, Ma Pi Leng is a horse’s nose in the literal sense. But figuratively this name shows the most rugged and steep mount. Legend has it that pregnant horses died here because of the steep mountain. Sunrise on Ma Pi Leng is an exciting experience.

4. Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is considered one of the 20 special freshwater lakes which need to be protected. The Ba Be national park is recognised as ASEAN Heritage Park in 2004. Ba Be attracts tourists because of not only fanciful natural landscape but also strange and beautiful dawn.

5. Sapa

Sa Pa is located in Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province, Vietnam. It is highland’s town and is considered a famous destination for vacation. The natural landscape with mountains and the green of forest creates a painting of harmonious composition and romantic scenery, which is the symbol of Northwest forest. The photos of sunrise in Sa Pa are exquisite with morning rays in foggy cold weather.

6. Moc Chau

“Dreamlike” is a word to describe Moc Chau’s beauty. Moc Chau is known as the land of natural flowers. Moc Chau’s beauty transforms following each flower seasons. Visitors don’t want to leave Moc Chau with unique songs and dances, green tea gardens, traditional food and charming sunset.

7. Hanoi

Hanoi – the land of “a thousand years of civilisation” - is an ideal destination for tourists. Hanoi has not only ancient features of the capital but also modern strokes of new century. You can enjoy sunrise in Hoan Kiem lake in the morning.

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