Get lost in stunning sunflower field in Nghe An

Published:  15:10 Wednesday - October 26, 2016

Get lost in stunning sunflower field in Nghe An

Nghe An is one of the attractions in Vietnam with a lot of beautiful landscapes as well as famous heritages related to heroic history of the country. Especially, it is the homeland of President Ho Chi Minh - the great father of Vietnamese people. In recent years, Nghe An has been known for another attraction that is beautiful and wide sunflower field.

Sunflower field is located in Nghia Son Commune, Nghia Dan District, Nghe An Province. In recent years, the sunflower field has been getting more and more famous across the country as there are many people traveling to this place to admire its beauty and take impressive and stunning pictures. Now, people do not need to go to Mexico or any other place to get immersed themselves in the sunflower field, it already appears in Vietnam.

The field is about 100 km from Vinh city and 200km from Hanoi. It is a field with 300 hectares wide and sunflowers are planted to provide materials for animal feed and processing of a nearby dairy project. The flowers are planted twice or three times a year and they are in full bloom from late March to Mid-April.

Sunflower field is the favorite attraction of many young people who come here to directly admire the beauty of sunflowers, immerse themselves in large sunflower field, take beautiful photos. It is also an ideal place to take wonderful and stunning wedding pictures of couples.

Let's admire stunning pictures of sunflower fields in Nghe An:

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