Get lost in the picturesque Dalat hydrangea flower field

Published:  08:47 Wednesday - November 15, 2017

Get lost in the picturesque Dalat hydrangea flower field

If you have visited lavender garden, enjoyed yellow wild sunflowers or be surprised in hundreds of sunflowers in Dalat, you will certainly be attracted by blooming carpet of colourful hydrangea flowers.

Dalat is considered as “The city of flowers” which is featured by not only comfortable weather but also beautiful landscape at any time of year. In addition, Dalat is the popular tourist destination for tasty special food, lovely flower gardens and a lot of tourist attractions.

Hydrangea flower field is 15km from Dalat city center that is located in Lac Duong commune, near provincial road 723 linking Nha Trang and Dalat City.

 From city center, follow the route of national highway 20 (Tran Hung Dao road) – Tran Quy Cap – Phan Chu Trinh, go on Than Tho lake direction, you will see provincial road 723.  Hydrangea flower field lies under pine tree canopy, make a strong impression at the first sight on this poetic and fairy scenery.


Hydrangea flower is seen mostly in Lam Dong province. 

Hydrangea flower was brought to Dalat by French people due to favorable climate and soil of this city. Only in this foggy city can we contemplate such a plump and colourful flower buds like that. 

Each colour has its own meaning. While pink expresses love and sincere emotion; blue expresses forgiveness, regret and rejection; white expresses purity, grace and abundance; and purple expresses abundance, wealth and royalty. On the whole, hydrangea flower symbolize for heartfelt, honest emotions, gratitude and thanksgiving to someone else.


It is said that walk in the hydrangea flower field, you will be the main actor of the fairy tale story “Alice in Wonderland” who got lost in a huge garden of flower while she was become tiny.  

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