Mushroom hot pot

Published:  11:39 Thursday - October 27, 2016

Mushroom hot pot

Mush room is a kind of food that is very good for your health. Moreover, the dishes with main material from mush room are very delicious and attract many customers with unique flavor and the sweet taste of mush room.


1 kg chicken bones, rids

100 gram mushrooms, shiitake mushroom, Ganoderma mushroom, chicken legsmushrooms,enoki mushrooms, abalone mushrooms.

Spice, flour, alum, alum sugar, onion, noodles

200 gr shrimp, squid, salmon or beef (depending on the number of people eating)

300 gr Chrysanthemum vegetables.



Step 1: Preparation 

- Chicken bones or rib washed with salt, then rub alum and drain (broth will be pureand hygiene).

- All kind of mushrooms soaked in a litter of cold water, add two tablespoons flour on it, soak 30 minutes, then rinse. Then, put into the ice water, soak for about 15 minutes (for crispy mushrooms + white), take out and rinse.

- Smooth onion thinly, fried until gold and fragrant.

- Shrimp, squid, salmon washed. Shrimp and squid pin on sticks, slightly beef marinated pepper, MSG.

Step 2: Add Chicken bones into boiling water, and then pour into a saucepan containing three litters of water to stew. Then give a teaspoon of pepper + a tablespoon of salt, seasoning, sugar alum, fish sauce. In the process of bone stew, set medium heat, uncovered and often skim foam (stew from two hours to three hours).

*** Make dipping sauce: a tablespoon of roasted white sesame + a tablespoon seasoning + a tablespoon of broth, stir them well.

Put all kind of mushrooms you have on pot, using hot with noodles, Chrysanthemum vegetables and finally, you finished one of the most delicious Vietnamese Recipes already. Use this dish with all the seafood you prepare on the ingredients part. It is more delicious when use with your family and in cold days. 

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