Lau mang chua rieu cua

Published:  11:47 Monday - September 05, 2016

Lau mang chua rieu cua

Hotpot is a popular dish in Vietnam and it is usually suitable to enjoy in winter. Crab is very nutrition and good for your health. The combination between crab and hotpot will make you a perfect flavor to enjoy.


800g of Freshwater Crab (you may use snow crab as substitute)

400g of sour bamboo shoot

Tomato, Dọc Mùng, Okra - Buy all at Vietnamese Markets

Spring onions, cilantro, dried onions

Fish sauce, Maggi’s stuffs, salt, pepper, lemon, chillies

1-2 tamarind or Dấm Bỗng (a type of Vietnamese special vinegar – you may have to find a Vietnamese supermarket to ask for this because the process of making this is not easy and easy to get spoil)

Ong Choy (water spinach), Field cabbage

Fresh Tofu or Fried Tofu, rice vermicelli

Grilled chopped crab (you can add if you like).


Step 1: Clean the Freshwater Crab, cut in half, takes the Crab-Roe out in a bowl, and add some drops of lemonade in that bowl so that it will not smell so fishy.

Step 2: Fry the dried onion, boil down the Crab-Roe then leave it in a small bowl.

Step 3: Crush and mince the crab body or you can put it in the grinder and grind with 3 bowls of water. Grind it carefully.

Step 4: Use the filter to remove the impurity and put it in a stove. Add water in the stove with a little bit of salt, some Maggi’s stuffs. Boil it, when it is nearly boiled, turn down the heat, use a chopstick to stir gently until the water is wavy a little bit then the Crab-Roe will float on the water surface. Take the crab-roe out in a small bowl, keep the water separately.

Step 5: Slice the pineapple and tomato. Wash the Dọc Mùng, slice it side way. Wash the bamboo shoot in cold water, slice it. Wash the okra, slide it side way. Wash the spring onions, cut its top in half and slice it. Wash the cilantro.

Step 6: Wash and slice the Ong Choy and Field Cabbage.

Step 7: Heat up the stove, add some cashew nut oil, fry the dried onion, add tomato and stir fry it with 1 coffee spoon of salt. It will help to make the tomato quickly cooked.

Step 8: Add bamboo shoot and pineapple in to simmer in 10 – 15 minutes. Add two more cold water bowls in the stove; add the tamarind or Dấm Bỗng, and adjust the taste. Cook with small heat in 15 minutes, add the soup in step 4 in and boil them together. Cook with small heat.

Step 9: This is the final step for one of our stunning Vietnamese Soup Recipes. Add the bamboo shoots’ stove in a Hot Pot, add the crab-roe in, when it is boiled then add the okra, Dọc Mùng, spring onions, culantro, fresh tofu and other vegetables in.

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