"Banh Da Cua" speciality of Hai Phong in Hanoi

Published:  11:21 Monday - July 09, 2012

"Banh Da Cua" speciality of Hai Phong in Hanoi

Rice noodle and crab is one of the most popular dishes in VietNam, especially in Hai Phong. Each recipe brings people different feelings. It’s really an interest, an attraction to visitors when in Hai Phong city, but you can taste this dish in Hanoi capital.

This dish is primarily a breakfast dish found in the early mornings of Hai Phong when the shops are opening around 7am. If you wait too long or don’t get up in time, these places can be closed by around 11am however it is possible to find a few places around that do sell it at night along the streets as well. If you leave Hai Phong, it may be found some places to sell " Banh Da cua" in Hanoi.

A bowl of delicious and attractive noodles musts enough to converge in  five colors: pink brown of crab, brown noodles, green color of vegetable, green onion, lemon; fresh red colour of chili and yellow colour of dry onion. The very eye-catching colors combined with greasy tasty has  been attracted  even once enjoyed. When given the opportunity to Hanoi, you should try a bow of " Banh da cua" has to be able to share "emotional honesty" of this unique cuisine.

For this, at first, the noodle has to be carefully picked and processed. The noodle makers in Hải Phòng specialize in rice selection, grinding, powdering and cooking. Rice to make noodle must be high-quality and put in water one hour (in summer) and ten hours (in winter).After cooking,brown noodles are  soft and tough and the broth must be clear in harmony with colours of ingredients. Floating above the broth is the red-brown crab ,pieces of lốt leaves is very green, the slightest yellow dried onion, the tiny vegetables.

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