Intriguing shrimp vermicelli noodle

Published:  10:06 Tuesday - May 07, 2013

Intriguing shrimp vermicelli noodle

Shrimp vermicelli noodle has grown to be an essential part of Hai Phong gastronomy for a long time. Thanks to its intriguing taste and materials, shrimp vermicelli noodle has become a unique dish that you should try.

The main ingredient is fresh shrimp that is picked up directly from Hai Phong sea.  

Shrimp shells are peeled and then they are fried with green onion until shrinking. And the next step, we add yellow frilled chopped fish, grilled chopped piper lolot (lá lốt) or grape leaves, Indian taro and a mixture of mashed onion, sliced tomatoes and dill to bring out richer flavor. A soft, white thread of rice vermicelli noodle harmonized with reddish shrimps and tomatoes, together with green onion, Indian taro and yellow grilled chopped fish make a colorful, attractive and lively picture that wake up visitors’ taste.

As you savor the dish, you will be greatly comforted by the sweet and slightly greasy taste of the broth, fragrance of shrimps and especially the pungent smell of grilled chopped piper lolot (lá lốt). More special is a sour taste of tamarind broth seasoned with common slices of red chili. All flavors harmonize so well with each other that the first try can bring out immediate temptation for a return.

Compiled by Nguyen Hao

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