A winter snack of Hanoians - Grilled Corn

Published:  13:30 Thursday - November 10, 2016

A winter snack of Hanoians - Grilled Corn

Grilled corn is some of the most typical snacks foods that have become a part of winter in Hanoi.

The scent of grilled corn coming along with chilly winds of winter nights always brings about a bit of warmth inside many Hanoians. 

Vendors who are mainly middle-aged and old women, begin to cook and sell grilled corn from late afternoon.



They often put corn on fire built by charcoal and constantly and turn them over to make corns become well cooked but not burnt. As a results, while the cover became hard and browned, the inside is still glutinous, sweet and packed with flavors.

Grilled corn stalls can be found almost anywhere on the sidewalk of Hanoi during the night.  

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