Ha Giang develops community-based tourism associated with restoration of traditional crafts

Published:  02:30 Saturday - December 22, 2012

Ha Giang develops community-based tourism associated with restoration of traditional crafts

As home to 22 ethnic groups (Kinh, Mong, Dao, Tay, Nung, Lo Lo, San Diu, Pa Then...), of which each ethnic group stored its own unique cultural values and identities, Ha Giang has strengthened to develop community-based tourism associated with new rural construction. This is a breakthrough in tourism development of the province.

In 2006, travel agencies brought tourists to some ethnic villages in Ha Giang. Homestay tourism type has appeared since that but it was spontaneous development.

Recognizing the strengths and benefits from development of community-based tourism, Ha Giang tourism sector build actively cultural tourism village model in each district. After a period of implementation, so far the province built 25 cultural tourism villages, of which 15 ones operated and attracted a large number of domestic and international tourists as cultural tourism villages of Tha, Tien Thang, Ha Thanh, Tuy (Ha Giang City); Kiem (Bac Quang District); Ban Lan (Bac Me District); Thanh Son (Vi Xuyen District); Na Rang (Xin Man District); Chi (Quang Binh District); Buc Ban (Yen Minh District); Nam Hong, Phin Ho (Hoang Su Phi District); Nam Dam (Quan Ba District); Sang Pa A (Meo Vac District); Lung Cam Tren (Dong Van District).

Besides, Ha Giang tourism sector also organized many community-based tourism training courses for thousands of trainees in the villages to provide knowledge on conservation and exploitation of cultural values into tourism products; skills of serving tourists and communication; food hygiene and safety…

Some districts in Ha Giang restored and developed traditional craft villages to provide tourists with specific souvenirs such as: textile products (Quan Ba District); bamboo and rattan products (Vi Xuyen, Bac Quang districts); Thanh Van corn wine (Quan Ba District), Nang Don wine (Hoang Su Phi District)… Traditional costumes of Tay, Lo Lo, Pa Then, Dao ethnic groups... are liked particularly by many international tourists.

However, due to community-based tourism is quite new for the people in Ha Giang, it still exists conflict between preservation of traditional identities and needs of modern life. The villages which preserve relatively traditional cultural values are ​​located in remote areas with difficult economic conditions, poor transport infrastructure and communication...

In Ha Giang, most traditional crafts have been lost due to appearance of goods produced by modern technology. So restoration of the traditional craft villages to produce souvenirs for tourists faces many difficulties. And in addition, roads, accommodation facilities, sanitation is not developed; tourism propaganda and promotion activity is not really effective; training of human resources is not attached special important… These are also major challenges in development of community-based tourism in Ha Giang.

To boost community-based tourism activities, contribute to the socio-economic development as well as preserve and promote traditional cultural values ​​of each ethnic group, Ha Giang needs measures to restore and develop traditional craft villages; improve quality of tourism products; invest and develop infrastructure; improve awareness on tourism development for people in the cultural tourism villages; focus on training tourism human resources…

With the inherent potentials and right directions, in the future, Ha Giang will affirm gradually its position on the tourist map of Northern mountain region, attract more and more tourists, especially international tourists.



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