Ba Be National Park - A grandiose place

Published:  13:43 Friday - May 11, 2012 Sailing on the lake reflecting rocky mountain, clouds brings feeling " just wanna stay here'' to the tourists.

Ba Be National Park is located at Nam Mau village, Ba Be district, Bac kan province, about 220km from Hanoi. Local people call Ba Be "Slam Pé", meaning three lakes. This comes from the geographical characteristics of the Ba Be lake: it is in fact three linked lakes Pe Lam, Pe Lu, Pe Leng.

The national park cover a total area of 500ha, average depth of 17-23m, the bottom of the lake is covered by 200m thick clay layer. Thank to this layer, the water is not leaked outside, make it lake. This lake is not only in the top 20 largest fresh water, since 2004, this is also recognized as Asean heritage.

Located at a vast limestone mountain, Ba Be has primitive and romantic beauty with cool and pleasant weather. In the morning, when fog is not melted, the lake has mysterious beauty of  a immense place. Also this place, under the sunbright on sunny day, is a charming aquarille picture with infinitive surface of the lake reflecting mountains, clouds, enchanting even the most fastidious tourist. Romantically, Tay girls in idigo clothes outfits now appear, now disappear on piragua in the limitless sky.

Visiting the lake, if you go with group, you can hire motor-boat, if you go alone or just few people or you want to experience the adventurous feeling, you can hire the piragua, slowly row the piragua, both see the sightseeing and listen the tales of the lakes told by boatman cum tourguide.

That maybe is related to a lake story with colorful legendary name: Ao Tien - a tottery lake on the top of limestone mountain, 100m away from Ba Be National Park but always full year round water at branch Pe Lam. Or legend about formation of Ba Be, is engraved on stele under the reign of the 9th Khai Dinh (1925) on island Po Gia Mai - mean Go Ba Goa at lake Pe Leng.

Besides, the tourist is also experience vaporous feeling in the cave Puong lenght 300m, the height over 30m. Through million years of erode, many kind of shapes of salactite are made. This create the mysterious beauty for the river through the narrow place in cave.

Leaving Puong cave, go to Hua Tang village, Nang river is blocked by hundreds of big rocky and divided into many branches creating Giant Dau Dang waterfall. This waterfall has 1000m length with 3 stone steps, each step make a distance between them about 3-4m in length.

The park is a complex including lakes, cave, waterfall, the vegetation in Ba Be National Park mainly consists of limestone and evergreen forest. There are approximately about more 417 species of plant. 299 spine animals. There are over 49 kinds of fresh fishs at the bottom of the lake including some rare kinds such as: anh vu, lang, ram xanh....

Along with seeing the lanscape, go to Ba Be, you also have chance to know the daily life of Tay, Mong, Dao people in 15 mountain villages in national park in which Tay people live here for a longest time ( more than 2000 years) as well as the largest ethnis group (58%).

People here are very hospitable, if you ask to go their home, you are welcome and invited to drink corn alcohol, eat pork on the smoking-shelfto or listen folk songs, pan-pipe; joining traditional festivals such as Long tong festival, spring festival, piragua racing....


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