Discovery Lung Cu - the Vietnam's northernmost point

Published:  14:24 Friday - July 08, 2016 Vietnam, an S-shaped country has 4 points including easternmost, northernmost, westernmost, southernmost point while northernmost point in Lung Cu Commune ,Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province. Visiting to Ha Giang, tourists should not miss Lung Cu flag tower which has become an holy images inside each of Vietnamese people.

Lung Cu  Peak is located in Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province, Faraway view, Lung Cu is looked like the tower surrounded with the majestic forest.Tourists  will admire the grave beauty of the flagstaff, which is located on the Rong Mountain and has reliefs of  Dong Son.


Lung Cu Flagpole was first built in in Ly Thuong Kiet Dynasty and originally made of a sa moc wood. The pole was rebuilt in 1887 under French colony. In later years, the pole was renovated several times until it has its shape and design as today. The flagpole has the height of 33.15 m with the pole foot is 20.25 m, diameter of 3.8 m. From its top, visitors can see the whole of beautiful and spectacular landscape.

Lung Cu Commune has 3460ha of area, which includes 9 villages: Lo Lo Chai, Seo Lung, Ta Gia Khau, Can Tang, Then Van, Then Pa, Si Man Khan, San Cho, San Sa Phin. Lung Cu is away from the China about 16km, which has cold weather, sometimes has snow.

Lung Cu population consists of many ethnic groups with different and diverse features in culture, beliefs and practices. People here mostly grow rice on the unique terraces and milpas, and even Mong and Lo Lo communities here still practice the traditional textile methods. Traditional features in cultures of these ethnic groups are very diverse and interesting. Many travelers are attracted here to explore these unique aspects of the community.

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