The landscape of Nhan mountain

Published:  13:46 Sunday - March 17, 2013 Traveling along the country, across Tuy Hoa city (Phu Yen province), visitors can see majesticrelic-cluster of Nhan mountain by Da Rang bridge.

The bustling scene of Nguyen Tieu night at Nhan tower

As stated in some documents, Nhan mountain is 64m high above the sea level, the perimeter around the mountain is about more than 1 km long. The majority of different understanding-ways is the imagination of a winging-swallow image as viewed from a long distance, so the name NhanMountain was called. For ages, the relic-creature cluster in the mountain has been cared, restored and strictly conserved. Tourists visiting the mountain can feel a very nice, cool, friendly charming sight through the cool-clean-winding road leading to the mountain peak and the populations of ornamental creatures and ruins in the mountain.

In addition to the scenery and wonderful climate, up to Nhan Mountain, one will be able to visit the ancient Nhan tower located in the Cham-tower relics in Central region. Nhan tower, located at Nhan mountain peak, was built by Cham people in around the 12th century. Overall, Nhan tower represents Cham people’s architectural art in the ancient Phu Yen land.

Besides, Nhan tower is a unique architecture, monument. The monument, located beside the road up the mountain, was inaugurated on April 1st, 2007. This is a cultural construction invested and elaborately built by Phu Yen People’s government. The work includes a museum at the bottom, and white vertical bars above the rooftops, like foam waves and sails full of wind reaching far out to sea, and also like winging swallow from far away viewing.

Today, the scenic cluster of Nhan mountain, Da river become a symbol for Phu Yen province and Nhan tower has been recognized as an art-architecture monument at national level by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Standing on the mountain-top, tourists can easily see Tuy Hoa city’s panorama with blue sea, vast rice-fields, Da Rang river and majestic Chop Chai mountain or Da Bia peak from a long distance.

Source: Thanh Nien Online

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