An ideal picnic at Mau Son's peak to avoid hot summer

Published:  08:36 Monday - August 06, 2012 Located in Loc Binh District, Lang Son City, Lang Son province, Mau Son provides stunning nature scenery, cool in summer and invigorating in winter, the sky seems to be within hand's reach is a perfect getaway.

The winding path through the white clouds will lead to the peak of Mau Son mountain, where the ruins of a French military base and villas can still be found weathering under the bright sky. Reaching the site's original inhabitants villages, families of the Dao ethnic minority, tourist in Vietnam travel have to go through another menacing path between steep mountains. But along the snake-like road are the beautiful rice terraces or the small waterfalls.



 The highest mountain in a cluster of 80 peaks that offer marvellous views of the north east region


Ruins and old villas

Mau Son' resort



Path to Dao minority's villages

Chicken has many claws

The rice terraces 

Source: Dtinews 

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