Visiting Nam Dinh, don’t forget to enjoy 5 water mouthing dishes

Published:  08:22 Thursday - December 28, 2017

Visiting Nam Dinh, don’t forget to enjoy 5 water mouthing dishes

“Happiness means that you find someone to love, have an ideal job, create a desired life, enjoy tasty food, wear whatever you want and get a life of indulgence” These are simple but hardly can we get all of them due to worrying about livelihood, caring family and other similar reasons

Let’s  forget stressful and depressive on daily life,  spend 1- 2 days to visit Nam Dinh which is not only known as the land of hardworking and studious people, a land of hospitality but also the land of rich cuisine. Let me tell you more detail on cuisine and tasty small restaurants and stores around this city.

1. Mrs. Thu store

Mrs. Thu store is favourite for younger at weekend 

If you are crazy for snails and hotpot, Mrs. Thu Store is an ideal choice. Located at 22 Tran Thanh Tong, the store is said to provide tasty dishes with reasonable price. The preparation is made carefully to bring you a healthy and fresh dishes

There are no word to talk about sauce because it is commented to be perfect with special recipe. It is a truth that sauce in Mrs. Thu store is so delicious that there are more and more guests come to enjoy and find the feature flavor in each dish.  

Hotpot and Mrs. Thu's guests 

Besides snail, the store serves appetizing hotpot as well. Hotpot are various by seafood hotpot, 2 compartment hotpot, shrimp hotpot, octopus hotpot and so on. Hope that Mrs. Thu store will take consideration from customer in far distance.

>>> Address: 22 Tran Thanh Tong, Nam Dinh City

2. Mai Trang lemongrass skewer store

Standing at 66 May To, Mai Trang lemongrass skewer store is always crowded in the evening to midnight. Lemongrass skewer in Mai Trang has original flavor of Hue. Pork is milled, then mixed with pork skin, pork fat, pepper, sugar and other species. After that, put the mixture in to a small bamboo chopstick and grill on a charcoal stove.

Mai Trang lemongrass skewer remains traditional flavour of Hue cuisine 

The lemongrass skewer is eaten with rice paper, vegetable, cucumber, green banana and pineapple. People who have enjoy this kind of food in Mai Trang said that compared with other stores serve lemongrass skewer, sauce in Mai Trang has “unique” flavor which is prepared with a distinct combination of grinded peanuts, fish sauce, liver and milled pork. “Service and waiter team” in Mai Trang is enthusiastic, friendly and funny, you will definitely satisfy with quality of food and staff attitude in the store.

Bread with honey is also one of the must-try dishes in Mai Trang store. Bread is covered by honey and grilled on charcoal stove to make it crispy.

>>> Address: 66 May To, Ngo Quyen District,  Nam Dinh City

3. Grandfather Tang beef noodles.

Grandfather Tang beef noodles is evaluated as the most delicious dish in Nam Dinh

Grandfather Tang beef noodles is evaluated to be the mót delicious noodle store in Thanh Nam. Ocated on 23 Hang Tien Street, Nam Dinh city, total area is only 17 – 18 m2 but always crowed. Current manager is Le Thi Thu Ha, grandfather Tang’s granddaughter who is handed down the third generation of pho.

Grandfather Tang store mainly serves donated beef rice soup and beef noodle sauce. Beef is cut into thick rectangular piece, with special recipe, when it is ready to eat, beef piece is soft and moreish.

Grandfather Tang store mainly serves donated beef rice soup and beef noodle sauce

You may curious about the name “sauté beef”,  right? Actually, beef is fried to medium-rare, combine with vegetable, herbs and spices, then put ò the top of noodles bowls. Price for each grandfather Tang beef noodles is 25.000 VNĐ

“Well, grandfather Tang beef noodles is famous long time ago, now it still remains flavor and quality. I and my family usually enjoy this kind of food here. I also introduce to my foreigner friend and all of them love it”

>>> Address: 23 Hang Tien, Ba Trieu District,  Nam Dinh City.

4. Pâté bread at 26 Ly Thuong Kiet

Pâté bread at 26 Ly Thuong Kiet is prepared by special and distinct recipe that you cannot find the same flavor in other stores. Each piece of pâté was made from the previous night, keep in a steamer to remain the flavor.

Pâté bread at 26 Ly Thuong Kiet, a favoutite bread of Nam Dinh people

Pâté bread at 26 Ly Thuong Kiet is not mixed with different stuffing but only pâté. The bread is eaten with herbs, cucumber and carrots, your will love it at the first bite.

The owner share: “My store is always crowed, some of them are frequent customers from little children. Now, they matured but still visit my store, it is really our pride and pleasure”.

Pâté bread has traditional flavour, a childhood. smaill gift

>>>  Address: 26 Ly Thuong Kiet, Nam Dinh City.

5. Truong Chinh snail noodles

Truong Chinh snail noodle remain impressive in everyone’s mind by mouth watering and tasty broth. In addition, it is processed in traditional recipe with rice noodle, snail, fried tofu and herbs without beef, pork pie like other stores.

Snail noodles, a delicious dish in Nam Dinh, a distinct flavour and recipe.

“Snail noodle here has delicious broth, a lot of snail and herbs that make me love in the first time. I definitely come back Nam Dinh to enjoy it if I have opportunity, and I will introduce this kind of food to my friend. I wish I knew this store sooner” a guest said.

>>> Address: Truong Chinh, Nam Dinh City.

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