Motorbike tour to explore Vietnam nature and culture

Published:  09:26 Monday - November 27, 2017

Motorbike tour to explore Vietnam nature and culture

A motorbike tour will let you experience the whole Vietnam culture, amazing natural beauty and deep connection with local people. From contemplating flower garden and teraced firleds on the north, to join float markets, beautiful beaches on the south, you will be impressed by whatever you explore through the tour.

Spectacular road stretches in Ha Giang

Flower garden, a must-see place in Ha Giang

Extensive rice field in Quan Ba District, Ha Giang. This is also one of the factors attracting visitors to the province. 

The deepest ravine in South East Asia, Ma Pi Leng Pass is considered the challenge for visitors on motorbike. 

Ma Pi Leng Pass

The roadway from Than Uyen District (Lai Chau) to Nghia Lo District (Yen Bai) is surrounded by terraced field. Due to the dangerous and ragged path, visitors here are mainly motorbikers who want to challenge themselves and conquer nature. 

The Highway 4D on the route Lai Chau - Sapa is on mountain range. These mountain is usually covered by mass of cloudlet, bring an unforgetable for anyone come here. 

Highway 4D

Staying in Mai Chau (Hoa Binh), visitors have opportunity to learn about traditional cultivation. 

Ghềnh Đá Dĩa (The Sea Cliff of Stone Plates), a seashore area of uniformly interlocking basalt rock columns located along the coast in An Ninh Dong Commune, Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province, Vietnam.

Can Tho, the largest city of the Mekong Delta is famous for floating market of fresh fruits, vegetable and food. 

Can Tho Floating market 

Travelling on motorbike, you can easily reach remote and small villages which is difficult on a car. Joining and exploring their life will bring you unforgetable experiences! 

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