The colorful Dong Ho Village

Published:  10:11 Saturday - December 31, 2011

The colorful Dong Ho Village

Dong Ho village produces handmade pictures in traditional way. Not using machines like another places, people here use natural ingredients such as wood, flowers, spices... to create beautiful products. The products here are not only loved by Vietnamese people but foreigners from all over the world also

Dong Ho Village with its famous paintings has become an aesthetic symbol in Vietnam. Located to the left side of Duong River, Dong Ho stood for centuries making their unique art work. From over 100 families in the 1950s, currently there are only a handful of families still making the traditional craft. Most villagers have now turned to joss paper making, since the regulation has relaxed and again allowed for religious practices that were once deemed “unfit of the revolutionary”. 

Welcome gate of Dong Ho village


The simple way to dry the papers


Color the picture by hands


Completed art products

A shop to sell pictures

Some famous products

Dong Ho paintings are simple, meaningful and created for the mass. Patrons use to come from agricultural and low-income families, some of them are illiterate and can not afford other more exquisite art works. But the meaning is the paintings is, by no means, sub-par. It reflects both reality and dream of the people. Visit to Dong Ho family can take 3-4 hours - the route is so easy that tourists can go by themselves or book at any travel desk. 

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