Young people run to Sapa to see snow

Published:  22:02 Tuesday - January 01, 2013

Young people run to Sapa to see snow

Young people have been flocking to Sapa for the New Year to experience the snow that has fallen this year.

The snow started at 11am on December 30 on the O Quy Ho mountain pass, which is approximately 2,000 metres above from the sea level.

At 5pm, the temperature in this area fell below 0 degree celsius, and dense mist and drizzle being turned into thin ice that covered the area, making transportation really difficult.

This type of weather, while not common, occasionally occurs in the highest mountains in the north during winter. It often brings huge losses for farmers in the area, especially the one recorded in 2008. 

Still, the snowfall itself attracts tourists to the Sapa area, many of whom have never seen snow before. 

This year hundreds of visitors from other cities and provinces rushed to O Quy Ho to enjoy the beauty of the sleet and snow and take photos.

According to the Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting, the snow and sleet will continue for the next couple days.  

DTiNews reporter took photos of the O Quy Ho Mountain Pass on December 30 afternoon.


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Young people run to Sapa to see snow, Vietnam-RoK cuisine festival attracts young people. You also can visit our sites: Nature & Adventure, Vietnam travel, People & Culture, Vietnam animals.

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