Da Dia Reef

Published:  11:19 Friday - September 09, 2016

Da Dia Reef

Mother land gives Phu Yen many different natural beauties and Da Dia reef is one of the famous attractions in Phu Yen because of unique da dia reef.

The sunrise on Da Dia Reef in Phu Yen

The Reef includes gigantic blocs of rocks with various shapes: hexagon, pentagon…

A big splash of wave hitting the beautiful pentagonal-shaped-rock 

Connected into one solid unit with the approximate width of 50m, the Reef stretches over 200m

As assessed by the experts, this special Reef is probably formed from the volcano erupting rocks, when meeting the sea water, they became frozen and cracked in multi directions, and this forms such a particularly interesting scene.

Da Dia Reef has been ranked as national scenic spot in 1998.

This is the collection of various-shape blocks of rocks

Looking down from high above, the cliffs are like a giant black beehive.

Cool blue sea, crescent white sand beach, white foam from waves rolling into rocks,… which makes visitors never fail to take photographs.

This is an extremely strange natural masterpiece, resembling huge stone blocks fleshed into round and piled neatly and steadily together

These beautiful scenes are at Da Dia reef, a wonder of nature, from Phu Yen province, Vietnam.

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