Green Papaya with Pork Feet Bone Soup

Published:  11:52 Friday - September 16, 2016

Green Papaya with Pork Feet Bone Soup

Green papaya and pork bone create one of the most nutritious dishes for everyone and special for those who need to improve their health. The method of cooking is very simple so you can enjoy this dish at your home.

In Vietnam, no part of the pig goes to waste. And the pork feet bone is also very nutritious when it combines with green papaya. Although they contain little to no meat, they are rich in tendons which liquefy and become part of the broth during the long and slow cooking. Papaya us a fruit, unripe green papaya is cooked as a vegetable. And it takes several hours to cook pork bone feet. 


400g pork feet bone

¼ green papaya

Salt, sugar, fish sauce, coriander, spring onion and dried shallot.



Step 1:

- Clean well pork feet bone in warm water with a little salt. Boil water and soak in 2 minutes and then clean again in cold water.

- Heat the oil, fry quickly sliced shallot until it is fragrant, pour continuously pork feet bone on pot and fry in 5 – 6 minutes. Then, add more hot water and cook with a little salt.


Step 2:

- Peel off the cover of green papaya, clean well and slice into medium pieces.

- Clean coriander, spring onion and slice small.


Step 3:

- Cook the pork feet bone in step 1 until it becomes more soft. You can check it by using chopstick to stick in the pork and feel its softness.

- Next, add sliced green papaya into pot, season to suit your flavor. To save cooking time, you can use pressure cooker to cook this dish.


Step 4:

-Cook more 6 – 10 minutes until green papaya is soft, turn off the heat, add more sliced spring onion, coriander on top.

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