Vietnamese dish from lentil

Published:  15:30 Friday - September 23, 2016

Vietnamese dish from lentil

Lentil is the richest nutritious food compared to other legume relatives as mung bean, red bean, black bean, soy bean, etc. Moreover, lentil is considered as a super food with many different healthy benefits. So, let’s make a healthy dish from lentils.

Lentil is the great ingredients for who want to get diet because it has many proteins and help us feel full longer. Moreover, it is also good for vegetarians. Beside of this, with vitamin B1, many minerals, fibers etc ... it is really suitable for who has heart disease, diabetic. From many benefits for health, today we will make one of great Vietnamese food dishes that is called Lentil Salad (Salad Đậu Lăng). In summer, eating this dish is the best choice. 


425g lentils (cleaned and wait to get dry)

425g chickpeas (cleaned and wait to get dry)

1 cucumber (cleaned, cut off seeds, sliced small)

1 tomato (cleaned, cut off seeds, sliced small)

¼ purple cabbage (cleaned, sliced small)

2 brands of spring onions

1 tablespoon fresh mint leaves (cleaned, sliced small)

2/3 cup of cheese

Lime juice

2-3 tablespoons olive oil

Salt, pepper.



Step 1:

-Clean chickpeas and lentils, wait to get dry in few minutes.


Step 2:

-Slice small all ingredients, mix together in big bowl.


Step 3:

-Clean mint leaves, slice small.


Step 4:

-Pour chickpeas and lentil into bowl of step 2, add more lime juice and mix gently.


Step 5:

-Then, add more cheese, salt, pepper to suit your flavor. Mix gently.

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