“Taste of the World” Festival

Published:  18:09 Thursday - March 14, 2013

“Taste of the World” Festival

“Taste of the World” Festival is an annual cuisine event held in Ho Chi Minh City to welcome Christmas and New Year. Festival 2012 introduced to visitors delicious dishes from 20 countries and territories, including India, the US, Japan, Russia, France, Germany, Mexico and South Korea.<br>


The event, which was held successfully six times, has affirmed its trademark and become a distinctive cultural and tourist event of Ho Chi Minh City. It aims at introducing the culinary art, culture and people of Vietnam and other countries around the world, promoting friendship and cooperation among countries in the region and in the world. 

The cuisine showroom of the Korean artisans.

The festival attracts thousands of visitors.

The Brazilian Chef Team.

“Taste of the World” attracted the participation of teams from  more than 20 countries in the world.

Many special art performances are held at the festival.

Martin Yan - Yan Can Cook, with his fans.

Many foreign visitors are interested in the festival.

Seafood at the festival.

Delicious rice cakes.

An eye-caching dish.

A special lobster dish is cooked by New World Hotel’s Chefs.

At the opening ceremony of “Taste of the World” Festival 2012”, visitors had a chance to see and participate in a series of activities, such as cooking and serving foods at food stalls, performing the skills to decorate dishes, traditional arts, folk games, traditional customs and traditional music. During the five-day festival, many unique and colorful cultural events were held. Particularly, a new record of “Melon Lanterns” with more than 100 lanterns made from melons was set. The highlight of the festival was the performance of head-chefs of five-star hotels that aimed at presenting special dishes of high-class hotels in Vietnam. 

The festival also attracted the participation of Martin Yan, a well- known chef from the TV program Yan Can Cook who introduced locals and visitors to the culinary art of many countries in the world. Martin Yan said that he was really interested in and highly appreciated Vietnamese cuisine.

A well known chef cooks from a five -stars hotel at the “Five Star Chef Competition”.

“Melon Lantern” Competition.

Presenting the skills of decorating dinner tables.

Taking photos of dinner tables.

Ana Vida, a visitor from Belgium, said: “I love Vietnam and beautiful Ho Chi Minh City. This time, my family is very lucky to attend this cuisine festival which presents many delicious Vietnamese dishes.”

La Quoc Khanh, Vice Director of Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ho Chi Minh City, and Deputy Head of the Festival’s Organization Board, said that “Taste of the World” 2012 had many supporting activities to create many new features. Attending the festival, visitors not only enjoyed Vietnamese and international foods but also learned more tourism information, destinations and Ho Chi Minh City, a dynamic, friendly and hospitable city with delicious dishes. 

The festival ended with five gold prizes for the “Melon Lantern” Competition, five silver prizes and eight bronze prizes. The showrooms of the Lion City Restaurant and Vatel Restaurant won first prize while five others were jointly awarded second prize.


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