Sour shrimp – a famous dishes of Hue cuisine

Published:  23:34 Tuesday - December 13, 2011

Sour shrimp – a famous dishes of Hue cuisine

Any visitor, who comes to Hue and tastes this kind of place, will never forger it.

Like mussels rice, many local can make sour shrimp, but only in Hue, sour shrimp is really delicious. In a past, people make  sour shrimp during home, though right away it is simpler to buy it during a market.  Sourc shrimp can be prepared with any kind of shrimp.

The recipe includes a number of steps that must be performed in a specific order. First, the fresh, clean, and dry shrimp of approximately the same size are put in wine along with dry bamboo shoots, garlic, and chili. The ingredients are kept in a closed container at room temperature for three days. Then the container is put in a cool, dry place. After five or seven days, the sour shrimp are ready. 

 During the meal we can put in some more condiment. We will find a very tasty dish with sour shrimp.

 When Hue natives living outside the city return to their homeland, they usually have sour shrimp. Tourists also make sure to buy some jars of sour shrimp before leaving Hue.

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