Vietnamese food flavors

Published:  11:18 Thursday - September 01, 2016

Vietnamese food flavors

Vietnam dishes have a perfect combination of different flavors and it makes the dishes more delicious. The flavor of Vietnam dishes is very defined so Vietnam food become one of the most famous food in the world.

Vietnamese cuisine has distinguishing features with a harmonious combination of five basic condiments ( known as Ngu vi in Vietnamese) including spicy(embodying metal), sour (wood), salty (water), sweet (earth) and bitter (fire) to create distinctive flavor.


With subtle blend of aromatic herbs, fresh vegetables, meats and a selective use of spices, Vietnamese food is not only quite unlike any other food in Southeast Asia but also regarded as one of the healthiest cuisines all over the world. Tasting Vietnamese delicious foods, tourists have chance to enjoy its uniqueness through five senses: food arrangement appealing to eyes, sounds coming from crisp ingredients, five spices lingering on the tongue, aromatic ingredients from herbs attracting the nose and some food merely being perceived by touching.

Playing an important role in Vietnamese meal, rice has become a main ingredient for making numerous cakes: Chung cake, Xeo cake, beo ckae, etc. Besides, Vietnam has a tropical climate, so fresh vegetables are available all the year round, so dishes with fresh vegetables become familiar every family meal.


In a nutshell, the mainstream culinary traditions share some fundamental features: the use of rice in nearly every meal, abundant dishes made of vegetables, broths or soup-based dishes, colorful presentation of food in eye-pleasing manners and dipping sauce. In terms of beverage, some preferred ones include hot tea made of medicinal herbs, bear and variety of alcohol.

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