Vietnam Ethnic Groups

Published:  16:00 Tuesday - January 03, 2012

Vietnam Ethnic Groups

Vietnam is one of the countries with multi – ethnic groups. This makes the country posses the diversity and variety in tradition and culture. Each ethnic group brings their own culture and tradition as well as costumes and eating.

Among 54 ethnic groups, Kinh residents constitute about 88% of the population and the remaining 4% of the other groups. The statistics shows that Kinh is the most populous ethnic group in Vietnam. 53 other ethnic minorities can be divided into the most populous and smallest ethnic minorities. The most populous ethnic minorities with about 1 million residents each group include: Tay, Thai, Muong, Hoa, Khmer and Nung. The smallest ethnic minorities with hundreds of residents each group include: Brau, Ro Mam, O Du.

Each of ethnic group has different tradition and custom, living environment, traditional cuisine, clothes, etc. Unlike Kinh group, 53 ethnic minorities live in the mountainous area in the area, near the Chinese border to the mountains Truong Son in Central Vietnam. Furthermore, they live in differently – architecture houses and use different languages spoken. The house of each ethnic minority is built based on the area, culture and custom of local people, so each will have different architectures and styles.

The main difference is in languages spoken, physical properties and traditional clothes. The most highlight and special things make distinction between ethnic minorities concentrate on architecture of house, traditional clothes, specialties and languages spoken; all contribute to make the diversity of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.

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