The cape of Ca Mau

Published:  12:18 Thursday - June 14, 2012

The cape of Ca Mau

Located in the southernmost region of Vietnam and surrounded mostly by the East Sea, Ca Mau province is featured by sub-equatorial monsoon climate conditions. There are two main seasons in a year: rainy season from May to October, and dry season from November to April of the next year. The annual average temperature is 26.5'C.

The average rainfall is 2.500mm, 90% of which is distributed among the 6 months of rainy season. The average humidity is around 80% in dry season and 85% in rainy season. Cam Mau rarely suffers from storms and floods. With is dense rivers and canals system, Ca Mau is home to well-known forests: U Minh forest and Nam Can forest.

U Minh forest is considered as the place where has the highest biomass value in comparison with forest forms, with about 250 varieties of plants, mainly cajuputs grown everywhere, more than 180 bird species, and over 20 reptile species... The scenes of U Minh forest are also the location and the consequence of variation process from geologic and tectonic activities.


Sunset in Ca mau

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