Vinh phuc's climate is ideal in summer

Published:  10:09 Friday - June 22, 2012

Vinh phuc's climate is ideal in summer

Surrounded by green mountains and rivers, Vinh Phuc province has favorable conditions of climate. Annual average temperature is 23.4 degree celsius . Especially, Tam Dao Mountains is in a vast high mountainous region affected by tropical humid monsoons with average temperature of 21degree celsius.

                                                                                                                    Dai Lai Lake

Vinh Phuc has the monsoon tropical climate zone with enough features of the Northern mountains.

The annually average temperature is between23.5 and 25oC, the highest temperature is 38.5oC and the lowest is 2oC. Notwithstanding, the terrain features cause the high difference in the temperature between the mountainous and the delta areas. In Tam Dao, at the height of 1,600m above the sea level, the annually average temperature is about 18.4oC.

Vinh Phuc attracts numerous tourists to various following beautiful scenerys. Tam Dao Tourist Resort is an ideal summer resort in the North, located 900m above sea-level. It is a enjoyable resort with fresh and cooling air, beautiful scenery and many modern accommodations are built here to serve tourists.

Nearby, Tam Dao National Park is unforgettable address. The vegetation cover is representative of five types of tropical forest. The flora consists of 904 species and the rich fauna includes 307 species. 

At the foot of Tam Dao Mountain, Dai Lai Lake is an man-made lake. Dai Lai is blessed with a favorable climate, cool summer and warm winter. The lake lies a 3-hectare island which is home of difference kinds of birds. Tourists also enjoy panoramic view of the lake from top of Than Lan Mountain. 

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