Loi Thuan Tunnel (Ben Cau) – A Travel Destination of Tay Ninh

Published:  23:22 Monday - March 19, 2012

 Loi Thuan Tunnel (Ben Cau) – A Travel Destination of Tay Ninh

The natural landscape here is attracted by the original forest (of Sao wood). Beneath the canopy of forest trees of bamboos, nulgar bamboos...is the main system of tunnel, a glorious trace of the battlefield at the war against the US in the old time with the system of military work of Division 5 at the anti-war in the Southwest border.

loi thuan

The Loi Thuan tunnel is a unique product of the people war's art in Vietnamese manner. If Cu Chi tunnel is for hiding military, An Thoi  tunnel is for fighting, Loi Thuan tunnel has both functions, keeping the focal areas and gateway to Rung Nhum base, supporting the political struggle movement of Ben Cau army soldiers and people, recording many glorious victories. Thanks to the special values of Loi Thuan tunnel, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognized and classified it as National Cultural Historical Monument at the Decision No. 1430/QD-BVHTT on October 12, 1993.

During a visit to Ben Cau district, Mr Hoang Tuan Anh, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the leaders of Tourism Board visited Loi Thuan tunnel and were introduced the tunnel restoration project  by the Districts and Provinces' leaders. It was evaluated to be the potential tourism exploitation in the near future. The leaders from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognized the recommendations from the local and directed the relevant agencies to early research and develop the restoration project so as to run in the next time.

Mr Dinh Van Cu, a local living near the Loi Thuan tunnel said: After being informed the State advocates the restoration and renovation of Loi Thuan tunnel, every people are very excited because if the project is completed and put into operation, they would benefit much from it such as: inter-villages roads in the project will be upgraded in concrete, facilitating the people to travel and transport goods. In addition, the people will have the chance to introduce and trade all kinds of local specific processed items to the tourists, contributing to the economic development and stability of people’s life.

Being a historical site located in the system of the province’s cultural historical monuments, with the position on the Trans-Asia road next to Moc Bai international border gate, Loi Thuan tunnel will certainly be attractive to numerous local as well as foreign guests.

Translated by: Do Tu


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