Finding quietness and peacefullness in the Western Area

Published:  23:35 Monday - March 26, 2012

Finding quietness and peacefullness in the Western Area

The Western Tourism is quite well known to the tourists and attracts millions of local and international guests visiting this land.

The Western Tourism is symbolized by the gardens and wetlands, cultural historical monuments and natural beauty spots. You will be immersed in the pretty landscapes, annual festivals, and lush fresh fruit trees as well as the rare and precious birds of this area. Going on boat to contemplate the sights is the characteristics of the Western tourism.

About the Western area

Setting food on the village roads of the western area, the tourists will feel the quiet and peaceful life, the immense rice paddy field or see on your own eyes with the western wetland


The Western Village Road


Contemplate the dawn in the western land

Going into the gardens, the tourists will enjoy the fresh fruits still on the trees with full of famous types such as: plum, jack-fruits, grapes…Paddling along the canal below will contribute to the tourists’ relaxing and comfortable feeling.


Enjoy fruits in the Western Land

Arriving in the western area, the guests can also enjoy the specialties of this place such as hamsters, braised tilapia…or experience passing the monkey bridges or observing the dawn at sea.


Wetland in the Western Land

cau khi

The Monkey Bridge in the Western Land


Western Waters

Translated by Minh Tri

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