“Danang Surprising” Tourism Logo Won The First Prize

Published:  21:44 Saturday - March 31, 2012

“Danang Surprising” Tourism Logo Won The First Prize

On March 28, the awards ceremony for the Logo and Slogan Design Contest for Da Nang Tourism took place in Dang Nang. Hoang Xuan Hieu, a lecturer at the Hue University of Arts has won the first prize with his Logo and Slogan “Danang Suprising”.


The First Prize Logo and Slogan

The Logo and Slogan Design Contest for Da Nang Tourism was held in September 2011 by the Da Nang Tourism Promotion Center. After 6 months since launching, the organization board received more than 170 submissions of 81 authors.

Under the sense of justice, the organizers have decided to award the first prize for Hoang Xuan Hieu – a lecturer at Hue University of Arts with the Logo and Slogan “Danang Surprising”.

The artwork features the five different colored curves as the silk stripes converged under the rhythm of festivals, symbolizing beautiful images of Marble Mountain, Han River, blooming lotus, and blue beaches…

The Da Nang tourism promotion center will send this artwork to the travel agencies and associations to get feedback and pilot use it in the Da Nang tourism promotion products. It will become an official logo and slogan of Da Nang tourism from April 30, 2012 in case of high consensus.

Moreover, the organizers also gave 7 consolation prizes to 6 authors. They will be used as souvenirs gifted the tourists in the International Firework Competition Da Nang 2012.

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