Year of the Snake - 2013

Published:  12:04 Monday - January 07, 2013

Year of the Snake - 2013

Although to many people, snake is associated with venoms and danger, in Vietnam, snake is considered a symbol of luck. 2013 is thus believed by many a year of prosperity and peace.

Vietnam - Land of snake

Located in tropical monsoon climate, Vietnam is a suitable habitat for snake to accommodate and reproduce. In the countryside, where snake lives right in the gardens, paddy fields or in bushes along sidewalks, children even play with the snakes that they catch. 

Snake is considered an important reptile in Vietnamese life. It helps balance the ecosystem by eating mice, which are despised by wet-rice agriculture farmers. Snake, in many places, is used for cooking, (Snake meat in Lệ Mật village, Hanoi is a prime example). Most importantly, snakeskin, venom, and gall bladder are valuable medicines.

Vietnamese women often make their husbands big vases of snake wine, in a hope of strengthen their partners’ health. It is believed that snakeskin, venom and gall bladder can cure many illnesses such as arthritis, and even cancer. Therefore, snake, the mysterious and dangerous animal, is listed as controlling animal, the 6th zodiac among the 12 in Vietnamese horoscope. 

Zodiac of luckiness

Ancient wisdom says snake in the house is a good omen since it means your family will not starve. This could be taken metaphorically. A snake’s family never has the problem of starvation since he is such a great mediator, making him good at business. Or it could mean that a snake is willing to sacrifice his possessions in order to pay for his family’s food. Anyway, it is interpreted is representative of the snake’s character and is a measure of the value he puts on his material wealth.

People born during the year of Snake are endowed with wisdom and deep philosophical understanding. They are natural thinkers who excel in finding solutions to complex problems.

In life, the majority of these people are financially successful and generally lucky with money; their fortunes come from their careful and considered judgment in financial affairs and their intuitive feelings in business negotiations. Even when a snake year-born one is at her laziest, her mind still works overtime, lays her schemes and hatches her plots for the future.

2013: Love, peace and prosperity

The world has been seeing enough conflicts and natural disasters in recent years. Can we expect a year of snake full of peace and love? In Vietnamese’s believes, the upcoming 2013 would be a wealthy year, when reproduction of all kind is blessed and love is definitely the only thing that human will think of.

People belong to monkey and goat signs can seize the chances to speed up their every effort in this year since they are highly compatible with the year of snake. Though all men of these zodiac signs are auspicious, only the smart and hard-working one can take the advantage of the chance.

Not according to most what people think of oriental astrology, Eastern experts believe there is no fixed fate for anyone. Though there exist some particular characteristics of people who are born to certain zodiac sign, yet people can still realize their own strengths and weaknesses in order to fully develop.


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