Romantic landscape in Giang Dien waterfall

Published:  22:22 Monday - December 19, 2011
The road into the waterfall is covered with trees and flowers and the sound of the falls can be heard from the entrance.

Located on Highway 1A in Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, 50km from Ho Chi Minh City, Giang Dien Waterfall Tourist Area, covering 67ha, has become an ideal destination for young people and families who like to discover the beauty of nature. The area consists of a valley, hills, forests, waterfalls and varieties of strange flowers blossoming all the year round. 

Giang Dien Waterfall has existed for many years. In the past, the falls at Giang Dien were covered with wild reeds. The waterfalls start from the Buong River, pour into the deep valley and run across a field of granite. There are many mimosa flowers reflecting a bright yellow on the fall and the road to the Twin Waterfall passes over the Mimosa Suspension Bridge and proceeds along a path running through the foxtail meadow. 


According to local folklore, a couple who loved each other but could not get married committed suicide near the Giang Dien Waterfall, thereby creating two other waterfalls named Chang (boy) and Nang (girl) or Twin Waterfall.


You  can play games on the grassy area or in the cool stream. The stream is clear and clean. 

The pathway looks like a silk band which runs along the stream bank and takes tourists to a farm called Ky Cuc. Here, you will see small gardens close together surrounded by trees and ponds. Inside is the world of creatures such as salamander, toads, lizards and snakes.


Giang Dien waterfall is a particularly interesting natural landscape which has been expanded and built into an ecological resort. There are plentiful kinds of travel services which is suitable for all kind of tourists like stream  bath & waterfall bath, double bike, sightseeing taxi or train, food & beverage, camping rental, fishing, camp-fire, folk games, children plays and team playing, karaoke, billiard, roller-skate, singing club, weeding & ceremony  celebration, Funny farm visiting, etc. 

The area was designed by the famous Vietnamese French architect Ho Thieu Tri. In addition to Ky Cuc farm and orchid garden, tourists are attracted by an architectural style which has old features of Rome and national identities. 

It is also possible to stay overnight to experience the warmth of a camp fire and artistic programs along with the gentle sounds of the falls. A night you'll never forget in Vietnam travel.

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