The marine biodiversity in Con Dao island

Published:  15:26 Tuesday - August 30, 2016

The marine biodiversity in Con Dao island

Con Dao National Park is one of the most important national park in Vietnam which includes terrestrial and maritime natural resource. The Con Dao National Park is home to 882 species of floral species, 135 species of animals, and more than 1,300 species of marine creatures.

Con Dao national park is proctected the natural beauty of landscapes and diversified biodiversity. There are many kinds of sea animals that have already been identified . 

The colorful fishes and corals in the sea

Scuba diving in Con Dao island

The Con Dao National Park in southern Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province is the first place in Vietnam to successfully implement a sea turtle conservation and rescue programme through numerous efforts taken since 1987, 

Nearly 1,000 mature turtles have been tagged.

More than 120,000 baby turtles are released into the sea annually.

Dugong, the strange creatures popularly known as ‘sea cows’ and believed to be the source of the ‘mermaid’ legends from their habit of sunbathing on rocks.

In 2006, a UNESCO mission to Vietnam came, surveyed and appreciated the biodiversity of natural system in this national park.

The rare blue whales (Neophon phocaenoides) in Con Dao island

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