Guide for traveling to Con Dao

Published:  15:12 Friday - July 22, 2016

Guide for traveling to Con Dao

Con Dao is famous for natural beauty with a lot of islands and archipelagos. Whenever traveling to Con Dao, tourists will dip in the beautiful and magnificent landscapes and be enchanted with the fresh and delicious seafood. Below are the important things that you should pay attention to when taking a trip to Con Dao in order to enjoy a perfect trip.

Con Dao is a complex with many islands, islets and archipelago. Coming here, tourists will have a great chance to discover and explore the beautiful and stunning islands and landscapes. The most favorable time to visit Con Dao that is from March to September, it is the time of calm sea and comfortable weather.

Some famous and attractive spots in Con Dao that you should not miss to visit and explore are listed as following:

Tai Islet

Visiting the islet, visitors will widen your mind by admiring lizards, geckos, sea birds, white squirrels – an endemic species in Con Dao. Besides, do not miss the chance to taste delicious seafood in the islet to take the deep impression.

Bay Canh Islet

Being considered the second largest islet in 16 islands of Con Dao archipelago, Bay Canh islet is the must – see destination in Con Dao. Each year, there are hundreds of mother turtles laying eggs on the beach. Taking the chance to witness the situation may give you unforgettable experience. The entire island is covered with virgin tropical forest and very rich fauna and flora.

Cau Islet

It is famous for both pristine beauty, healthy environment and international site for conserving species of rare wildlife as sea turtles, bird’s nests. This is the only offshore island having groundwater. Coming here, tourists also can go to visit Dam Tre Bay to discover natural landscape and blue seawater.

Con Dao Prison


It is one of the most famous and popular spots in Con Dao. Let’s come to visit Con Dao prison to get to know more about the fierce war period as well as feel the pain of the country during that time. Con Dao prison reflects and represent the heroic but violent history of the country, just come and get the deep emotion of it.

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