Vietnamese Mixed Rice Paper Street Food (Banh Trang Tron)

Published:  14:35 Tuesday - December 13, 2016

Vietnamese Mixed Rice Paper Street Food (Banh Trang Tron)

Mixed Rice paper (Banh trang tron) is one of well known Vietnamese street foods. It is also appropriate with every ages, this dish attract kids and people around Vietnam, it were sold in many school canteens, and usually had a few different varieties.

Core ingredients of Mixed Rice Paper (Banh trang tron) usually involved: Rice Paper (in 1 round piece or shredded), chilli powder, dry shrimp, and seasoned fried onion. Rice paper then was not the normal type we used to wrap spring rolls. They had those tiny shrimp or scallion on them, and the combination tasted…. wicked. That is the reason why this food becomes one of best popular Vietnamese Street Food for young people.

A packet of flavouring agents that includes chilli powder and oil mixes with fresh Vietnamese coriander; some mango chopped fibre and hard boiled quail eggs. Mixed Rice paper (Banh trang tron) is covered by a plastic bag with two skewers serving as makeshift chopsticks. I do not think any of the kids were not addicted to the thing.

They are sold on some sort of rolling metal cart is sold exclusively by conical hat-donning women carrying weighty baskets over their shoulders. The price of Mixed Rice Paper (Banh trang tron) is absolutely cheaper than another Vietnamese street food. Just pay less than 10,000 VND for 1 serving. Moreover, it is sold in some snacks restaurants; it is easy to find this dish in some large department of Vietnam.

There still have many other Vietnamese Street Food in our country. From South to North, you can find them easily. Do not miss any chance to taste it when you visit Vietnam. Hope you will have a happy trip with your family and friends.


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