Mixture Coconut and Kumquat Juice Recipe

Published:  16:03 Monday - November 21, 2016

Mixture Coconut and Kumquat Juice Recipe

Have you ever tried to combine Mixture Coconut and Kumquat Juice (Hỗn Hợp Nước Dừa Quất) which came from many stunning Vietnamese Cuisine together before? It will make you has a great surprise when drinking it.


1 – 2 coconut fruits
3 – 4 kumquat fruits
Ice and salt


Step 1: Pour coconut juice into big bowl.

Step 2: Clean kumquat, wait to get dry, cut in half, remove seeds, press out of water and store it on clean bowl. Do not throw away their skins, you can decorate after finished one of amazing Vietnamese Cusine. 

Step 3: After pour out of coconut juice, use spoon to scoop all coconut meat and put on clean bowl.

Step 4: Pour coconut juice on glass, add more coconut meat, a little salt and kumquat juice; stir gently. Taste again to suit your flavour. If you pour too much kumquat juice, you can add more sugar. But I suggest you should pour this juice carefully. It is not natural anymore if we use sugar.

Finally, add more ice if you love cold. How do you feel? It is really suitable to drink in hot days, right? Good luck for your cooking and enjoy your weekend.

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