The average temperature of Tra Vinh is 26.6°C

Published:  03:09 Wednesday - June 20, 2012

The average temperature of Tra Vinh is 26.6°C

The average temperature of Tra Vinh is 26.6°C, which is ranging from the minimum of 18.5 °C to the maximum of 35.8 °C

Tra Vinh Province belongs to Mekong River Delta in the South of Vietnam, and having a long coastline of 65km with East Sea on the East. Tra Vinh province is divided into coastal plain, alluvial deposits, mounds and sand caves, and complex network of rivers and canals. Due to ly in tropical monsoon region, the weather in Tra Vinh is hot all year around Tra Vinh with abundant light condition and high and stable temperature. However, because of the climate features of coastal region, Tra Vinh is also suffered from difficulties such as strong wind, high level of evaporation and low rainfall.

Ba Dong Beach

Tra Vinh’s climate isn’t perceptively divided into 4 main seasons; but dry season and rainy season. Rainy season lasts from May to November of a year and dry season lasts from December to April of the next year. The distribution of rainfall is unequal and descending from north to south of Tra Vinh. The humidity varies from 80-85% which depends on whether in rainy season or dry season.

Should you have comprehension of climate and weather condition before taking a visit to Tra Vinh Province. You will find out the best time of a year which will be suitable for your vacation in a province of Mekong Delta.

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The average temperature of Tra Vinh is 26.6°C, The traditional culture of Ngai ethnic group. You also can visit our sites: Ethnic Groups, Vietnamese People, Climate, Location & Geography.

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