Visit Vinh Long Gardens to Enjoy Fruit and Grilled Fish

Published:  12:10 Saturday - April 07, 2012

In Vinh Long gardens travel tour, one of the most interesting things is that visitors can stand in boats passing the islands when the winds strongly blow around, contemplate the green of larger fruit islands which is so fresh-viewed. They can put their souls into a pure, peaceful air and enjoy a cold coconut.

For a long time, Vinh Long has been famous about fruit gardens having so many kinds of fruits, green leaves all years and the fruits are very sweet.

Nam Roi PolemoNam Roi Binh Minh polemo

Vinh Long is the hometown of famous Nam Roi Binh Minh polemo. Vinh Long polemo has less pips, equal segments, and fresh sweet taste. The name Nam Roi has its own story. Nam Roi polemo was formerly found by Mr. Buoi Tran Van. People say that being afraid that family children would take the grape fruits losing the specious seed, Mr. Buoi threatened to punish the person who took the fruits by five times beaten of rod (means “nam roi”). Due to this, the polemo was named “Nam Roi”.

rambutanRipe bunches of rambutan

In Vinh Long, people can also find many types of Binh Hoa Phuoc rambutan which is consider the tastiest nation-wide. Everyone who has visited Vinh Long surely can’t forget the image of brightly red ripe bunches of rambutan. Troc (tróc) rambutan has oval fruits that are deep red, have soft thorns, milky pulp and sweet taste when being ripe. Java rambutan has circle fruit, short thorns,  good-smelting. Longan rambutan is smaller, ripe fruits have dark -yellow-and-green covers, milky pulp, and smell of ripe longan. The gathering reason of rambutan is normally about from May to July but now, Vinh Long gardeners have successfully researched to grow new type of rambutan trái mùa.

Xuong Longan

When the rambutan reason ends, it’s time to start enjoying longan. Visiting Vinh Long, guests will have chance to try xuong longan (nhãn xuồng), small longan (nhãn tiêu) which have thick pulp, thin covers, is yellow, juicy and very sweet. The luxuriant bunchs of longan appear and disappear in the green leaves attracting the visitors.

Vinh Long fruitsVinh Long fruits are various

Moreover, this large garden area is well-known about Tam Binh green-covered orange (cam sành) that is not only big but also purely sweet. There are also many other kinds of fruits here such as: durian (Ri6, Chin Hoa), sugar mandarin, mango (Hoa Loc, Cat Chu)…

Travelling to Vinh Long, entering each fruit gardens, picking the bunches of fresh and tasty fruits and listening to don ca tai tu (đờn ca tài tử _ one kind of folk singing) are the way joining in real Southern garden cultural air.

Grilled Snake-headGrilled snake-head

Don’t forget to go to the ditch to bail fishes then enjoy the grilled snake-head dish made by the fishes caught yourself.

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Visit Vinh Long Gardens to Enjoy Fruit and Grilled Fish, Cai be floating market, a unique cultural characteristic of water regions. You also can visit our sites: Vinh Long, Destination in Vietnam.

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