Ha Giang - A land of natural landscapes and special dishes

Published:  16:06 Tuesday - November 03, 2015

Vietnam is a diversified and abundant land with a lot of beautiful landscapes and fantastic feature. One of the interesting and wonderful place symbolizing the beauty and history of Vietnam that is Ha Giang province.

Ha Giang is located in the North pole of Vietnam and it is considered the magnificent plateau with many fascinating landscapes and special foods. Coming to Ha Giang, visitors are offered a long list of interesting attractions and given a chance to discover and experience the beauty of Ha Giang in particular and Vietnam in common. In the first place, Dong Van Rock Plateau is the first wander that visitors should not miss on your visiting. It is the grey rock mountain range in various shapes. Visiting this plateau, tourists will have an opportunity to widen your mind with the discovery of the immense mountain region. The plateau was designated as the "Global Geopark" by UNESCO on December 2010. It is said that people in Ha Giang "who live in stone and die in stone". Nowhere in Vietnam that we can find the plateau like this.


The second wander of Ha Giang that is Lung Cu Flagstaff. It is the beginning of the first drawing of Vietnam's map. Reaching the flagstaff is not a simple task but it will bring travellers meaningful and interesting feelings. You have to overcome 389 stone terraces and continue with 140 spiral terraces to reach the flagstaff. The red flag with gold star has the area of 54 meters square symbolizing 54 nations of Vietnam. It will make everyone proud of the country as well as its history when you reach the flagstaff and also, it makes you feel the sacredness and meaningfulness of the word "Country".


Happy road is another wander in Ha Giang that attracts a lot of visitors. Its name was rooted from the process and how the road built. It is the road of blood and flowers as it was made by thousands of youth volunteers with a lot of difficulties and hardships. The road was built to provide the light to the highland and it carries a very significant meaning.


The fourth wander of Ha Giang is Dong Van Ancient Quarter. It is a special ancient quarter differing from Hoian ancient quarter and Hanoi ancient quarter. The ancient quarter contains 40 roofs arranged under the foot of the rock mountain. In the morning, visitors will have an opportunity to admire a warm and colourful picture created by the yellow of the sun and the grey of ancient houses. Tourist will feel like you are getting lost in a different land and leave all of the worries and sadness behind. It makes people feel comfortable and relaxed when walking around the ancient quarter.


Lung Cam culture village is the fifth wander that features the specialities and impression of the land. The village attracts a lot of photographers and film makers every year. Especially, the village is the scene of the film "Pao's story" - the film got the Golden Kite Award from the Vietnam Cinema Association.


One of the particular feature of highland that is terrace fields. Ha Giang also owns immense terrace fields and it will be a very wonderful experience to admire such terrace fields. The fields are arranged oridinarily with attractive colour. Tourists can take beautiful photos in these terrace fields for memory.



In addition, Ha Giang always has its own way to attract visitors seasonally and by time. Any time you visit Ha Giang, you always have many things to admire and discover such as: enjoying the flower fields including peach flower, plum flower, cauliflower, especially, triangle circuit flower is a featured flower in Ha Giang. Triangle circuit flower is the representative of Ha Giang's beauty. Every year, there is triangle circuit flower festival held in Ha Giang and it is a good chance for you to take beautiful photos including wedding photos. Visitors also can have an opportunity to see snow in Ha Giang if you come here in the end of December. Moreover, Khau Vai Love Market is another place that you should take a visit to when coming to Ha Giang. There are many interesting activities contained in the week of the market festival such as: goat, cow, nightingale fighting, beauty contest for young girls, and you also can taste delicious dishes of ethic minorities. Particularly, the market is not only the place for ethic groups to meet each other but also the chance for couples to meet each other.


Last but not least, Ha Giang has a lot of special dishes and you should enjoy it to know how different it is from others. These dishes include stuffed pancake of Dong Van ancient quarter, bamboo-tube rice, persimmon without seed, king orange, black-bone chicken, etc. All of them are the specialities of Ha Giang cuisine and you can not find them in anywhere but Ha Giang.


Ha Giang is really a special and interesting place that satisfy the wishes to travel of anyone. It has so many things to discover, see, admire and enjoy, and it also contributes to make Vietnam become more and more attractive to foreign tourists.

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