Da Lat and majestic waterfalls

Published:  10:55 Tuesday - December 22, 2015

Da Lat is really an interesting and exciting place to discover and spend your vacation as it offers tourists a lot of stunning landscapes and beautiful sites. There are flower gardens, religious architectures, monuments, lakes, national parks, etc.. Besides it, Da Lat is also the place to take place a lot of festivals and important events.

Dat Lat is a romantic and poetic land. It brings itself the cool weather and refresh atmosphere. It is said that Da Lat is really an ideal place to live, work and especially travel. Coming here, tourists always enjoy themselves with a lot of activities including visiting religious architectures, monuments; climbing magnificent mountains; enjoy beautiful landscapes of lakes and national parks, etc... One of the most wonderful things that you should not miss that is to visit and admire magical waterfalls in this dreamy city.

There are many beautiful and magnificent waterfalls in Da Lat and each waterfall carries a different feature and legend stories. First of all, Tiger Cave Waterfall with the height of 25m and width of 10m. The waterfall is associated with the legend related to a tiger, the tiger lived in a cave near the waterfall and gave some affections to residents living here, then the name of waterfall was originated from the legend. The water from the peak of the waterfall drops down to the footer strongly and it makes the bubble to the surrounding area.

The second waterfall is Prenn Waterfall. The waterfall is considered a very interesting waterfall to visit and discover as tourists will have a chance to try what they have never got the chance to do before. The waterfall is the gateway of Da Lat, it has the height of 9 m and width of 20m. Visitors will see the flow of water dropping down to the foot as the hair of a fairy - an exciting feeling. Besides it, tourists also take opportunity to experience new things such as riding on elephant's back and ostrich's back. You may never have the chance to ride on these animals before and you can do this in Da Lat at Prenn waterfall. It seems to be challenged to do this at the first time but you can try to challenge once to get a completely new experience. In addition, visitors also can go to visit Au Lac temple and learn more about the legend story of Lac Long Quan - Au Co. From the upper temple, tourists can see the pearl well with the sound like a bell. As its magnificence, the waterfall was recognized as a Cultural historical heritage in 1998.

The third waterfall is Pongour Waterfall. It is different from other waterfalls in Da Lat, it is the place taking place a lot of activities and festivals such as Gong performance, Buffalo stabbing, folklore game, rice cooking contest, Thai dancing, etc... In particular, the waterfall is also the place for young boys and girls to date each other. It is the ideal place to enjoy festivals and spring with white flow of water dropping down to the river.

The fourth waterfall is Jraiblian Waterfall. The waterfall is located in Ta In Commune of Duc Trong District. It brings itself an interesting legend story of a boy named Stuk and his uncles named Zuwar. Let's come to admire the high waterfall and how interesting it is.

The fifth popular waterfall in Da Lat is Elephant Waterfall. The waterfall has the legend story differing from other waterfalls which is very impressive and the origination of the waterfall's name. Unlikely, Datanla Waterfall has a mysterious legend story and tourists will have a chance to enjoy some activities at the foot of the waterfall such as climbing the cliff, discovering the forest, or going along the stream to come to Prenn bridge. The waterfall was also recognized as Cultural historical site in 1998.

Last but not least, Dambri Waterfall is the waterfall with a impressively love legend story of Bri and Kdam. The waterfall is the highest waterfall in Da Lat and it is also the attraction in Da Lat. Visiting the waterfall, tourists will completely admire the majestic beauty of nature as well as the wonderful landscape of Da Lat.

Let's come to Da Lat to discover and experience its natural and magnificent beauty. While that, do not forget to visit and admire romantic and majestic waterfalls and listen to exciting legend stories related to the waterfalls.

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