Prices of food in Vietnam

Published:  10:34 Tuesday - October 03, 2023

Prices of food in Vietnam

If you are planning to travel to Vietnam and want to explore the prices of food in Vietnam, then this article is for you. Vietnam is not only an attractive tourist destination with its stunning natural beauty but also a place where travelers can indulge in a rich culinary culture at incredibly reasonable prices. In this article, we will delve into the culinary delights of Vietnam and the prices of various dishes in this beautiful country.

1.Street Food Prices in Vietnam - Prices of food in Vietnam

Vietnam is renowned for its tantalizing street food, and the prices of food in Vietnam are incredibly reasonable, catering to a wide range of budgets for both locals and tourists alike. Typically, street food prices fluctuate between 1 USD to 4 USD. Let's delve into the specific prices of some iconic Vietnamese street foods:

Pho: One of Vietnam's culinary trademarks, pho can be found in countless eateries across the country. In Hanoi, a delicious bowl of pho with beef usually costs around 1.23 USD to 4.11 USD. However, dining in larger restaurants might incur higher costs based on the location.

Banh Mi: Banh mi stalls are scattered all over Vietnam, from national highways to tiny, lesser-known alleys. The price of a banh mi typically ranges from 0.82 USD to 1.23 USD. Nevertheless, prices may vary depending on the city and vendor.

Bun Rieu: Bun rieu has long been a culinary gem in Vietnamese culture. It's a simple and cherished dish among locals and visitors. A bowl of bun rieu in Vietnam generally costs between 1.23 USD to 2.06 USD.

Bun Bo Hue: As one of the dishes that encapsulates the unique flavors of the ancient capital, bun bo Hue is widely adored by tourists exploring Vietnam. A hearty bowl of bun bo Hue, rich in distinctive broth, is priced between 1.65 USD to 2.88 USD.

Hu Tieu: Hu tieu Nam Vang, a dish influenced by Chinese cuisine, is typically priced between 1.65 USD to 3 USD, depending on the city and eatery. Famous hu tieu restaurants in Saigon might have slightly higher prices, whereas rural areas could offer more budget-friendly options.

Nem Nuong Nha Trang: At nem nuong stalls, you can relish fresh and tasty nem nuong at a reasonable price, usually around 1.23 USD to 2.06 USD per serving.

The prices of food in Vietnam are incredibly reasonable. When you come to Vietnam, you will not only experience unique and delicious street foods but also at incredibly affordable prices. These dishes are sure to leave you nostalgic and unforgettable.

Prices of food in Vietnam

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2. Fast Food Prices in Vietnam

When visiting Vietnam, tourists have a plethora of culinary options to choose from. Whether it's street food or fast food from international chains like KFC, Lotteria, Jollibee, and Pizza Hut, Vietnam caters to all tastes. Here's a breakdown of the prices you can expect at these establishments:

KFC: KFC, a globally renowned fast-food chain, has a significant presence in Vietnam. The prices of combos at KFC typically range from 2 USD for the most affordable meals to around 20 USD for special combos.

Lotteria: Originating from Japan, Lotteria offers popular fast food items such as burgers and fried chicken in Vietnam. Prices at Lotteria are quite similar to KFC, with meals usually costing between 2 USD and 7 USD.

Jollibee: Jollibee, a fast-food chain hailing from the Philippines, has captured the taste buds of many Vietnamese consumers with delicious products like burgers and noodles. With prices ranging from 5  USD to 8  USD, Jollibee is an ideal choice for families and tourists alike.

Pizza Hut: For pizza lovers, Pizza Hut is a suitable option. A medium-sized pizza for two people typically costs between 6.17 USD and 10 USD, depending on the type and quantity of toppings you choose.

Burger King: Burger King is not only famous for its unique burgers but also for its very reasonable prices. Medium-sized meals at Burger King usually range from 2.06  USD to 6.17 USD.

Prices of food in Vietnam- Fast Food Prices

3.Tips for Saving on Food Expenses in Vietnam

3.1. Book tours from local businesses

To save costs on your trip to Vietnam, one of the best approaches is to turn to local travel businesses. These entities not only help you explore the country more deeply but also know how to organize trips in the most cost-effective manner, helping you avoid unnecessary expenses. Moreover, when booking Vietnam tours from local providers in Vietnam, you can enjoy special discounts and offers from local partners, covering everything from dining and accommodation to entertainment activities. This allows you to save significantly compared to organizing the trip yourself, as local entities often have special contracts with restaurants, hotels, and sightseeing destinations. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach out to local travel businesses when preparing for your adventure in Vietnam.

3.2. Utilize Online Food Ordering Apps

In Vietnam, using online food ordering apps like GrabFood,, and Gojek is a smart way to save both time and money when dining. These apps not only provide the convenience of ordering food from anywhere at any time but also offer various discounts and attractive promotions.

Thanks to these apps, you can read user reviews beforehand, helping you choose restaurants that are delicious, affordable, and within your budget. Moreover, ordering through these apps allows you to receive discount codes, special vouchers, and even free delivery in some cases.

3.3. Inquire About Prices Before Ordering

A useful method to save on food expenses in Vietnam is to inquire about prices before placing an order. When visiting local eateries, don't hesitate to ask about the prices of the dishes, as some places might charge higher rates for tourists. This practice helps you avoid unexpected surprises during payment and provides an opportunity to negotiate prices if necessary.

Don't shy away from showing interest in the prices and negotiate politely. This not only helps you save a little on expenses but also creates a unique and interesting culinary experience, where you can interact with local people and gain a deeper understanding of Vietnam's culinary culture.

Above is a summary of food prices in Vietnam that you can refer to. By combining interesting culinary experiences with smart cost-saving strategies, your trip to Vietnam will become much more exciting and convenient.

Tips for Saving Cost- Prices of food in Vietnam


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