UNESCO Appreciates Cat Ba Candidate of World Heritage

Published:  23:13 Monday - April 09, 2012

UNESCO Appreciates Cat Ba Candidate of World Heritage

Mr. Dan Duc Hiep, Permanent Vice Chairman of Hai Phong People’s Committee has just met with Mr. Engel Hardt (American nationality) – senior expert of UNESCO organization to discuss about sumitting Cat Ba to be a world’s natural heritage.

At the meeting, Mr. Engel Hardt acknowledged and appreciated the strength of Cat Ba about the rare and precious products. To become a world’s heritage, Cat Ba should give and show 39 species, define the core zones and buffer zones where these 39 species live, Mr Engel Hardt recommended.

He made a comparison between Cat Ba and 10 other beauty spots in the world to have a reference. Cat Ba has similarities with the world’s heritage of Malaysia’s white-head langurs recorded in the world’s red book. The aquaculture should be moved out of the core zones. In addition, careful research should be made on the langurs about their eating and drinking regime, and if necessary, move them out of their habitat, Said Mr. Engel.


White head lanpurs

Moreover, the other ideas from the expert union include: Cat Ba is a convergence of many species, genetic resources, plants and animals reproductive system recorded in the world’s red book, therefore, Cat Ba should be broadened to the north, from the 1 core zone to Long Chau island; right now all the industries, people and tourists at all levels should have the behavior of a world’s natural heritage.

Mr. Dan Duc hiep acknowledged the comments of Mr. Engel Hardt and other experts in the group, and at the same time directed Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and his colleagues as well as the Department of Internal Affairs to take responsibilities so that the procedures will be completed to summit the first profile on September 30 and official profile on February 1, 2013.

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