U Minh Ha reopens to public

Published:  16:02 Tuesday - July 12, 2016

U Minh Ha reopens to public

U Minh Ha is one of the most attractive and beautiful spots in Ca Mau. The national park is an ideal place for those who are natural lovers and desire to explore and discover the nature’s beauty. After closing for 6 months during the dry season, U Minh Ha has just been reopened and let tourists to visit and experience.

U Minh Ha is located about 25km away from Ca Mau City with the area of 8,000ha. The national park is home to varieties of flora and fauna typical of a seasonal wetland.

The flora system of the park deserves an immense cajeput forests on peat soil, seasonally flooded grasslands and vacant swamps. To explore the wild environment of the forest, visitors can use a boat or take in views from a 25-metre high tower.

Coming to the park, visitors not only enjoy the chance to admire the wild beauty of plants and animals but taste a lot of delicious and special foods here. Visitors can join local people to fish or collect honey form beehives. Some of popular dishes that you should not miss to taste such as: roasted snaked fish, sweet and sour soup cooked with fish and wild vegetables.

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