Tasting Mong Pe wine and Tua Chua goat meat in Tả Sìn Thàng

Published:  10:12 Monday - July 02, 2012

Tasting Mong Pe wine and Tua Chua goat meat in Tả Sìn Thàng

The fair is held once every six-day, it is a reason for people to find Ta Sin Thang commune, Tua Chua District, Dien Bien province, to drink wine, to eat Tua Chua goat meat, and to taste a cup of years old ancient tea ...


Good Mong Pe wine ...

Three-room wooden house, Ngan- a village boy, presents to group travelers with special food here. Meals welcome guests with many Thang Ta Sin strange dishes, sophisticated processing. "Gac bep meat" cut in many large pieces which are really soft and sweet .

During the meal, except for older women, and daughters are often not sat together with guests. To guests, absolutely not hang up chopsticks on the mouth of cup, it's a taboos while eating

Delicious ancient Chai tea

Thang Ta Sin fair covered by clouds in all seasons, formed from the French colonial period, meeting at the rocky valley side. This is also the social center of Thang Ta Sin. Not only fair trade, exchange of products, but also a place to meet friends. Out of agricultural products, food, honey is a speciality as gifts to buy for our friends.

Tens of meters high, ancient tea forests up to 4,000 trees, large diameter, there are two people hugging trees is not enough. Accumulated from foggy mountain, tea here is drinked sweet post, especially no chemical or industrial method of making tea.

From The Thang Ta Sin less than 20 minutes by driving, in Sính Phình, there is a rocky plateau stretches kilometers and is beautiful as Dong Van plateau (Ha Giang). On the " cat ears"stone forest, a stone fence stretches as a wall to protect for around the houses. The villagers said that this stone wall was built by a Mong wealthy family for a long time, they only see its presence as a child and not know since when.

"Mong Pe wine, Tua Chua goat," many people mention this speciality when arrived in Tua Chua, to the Ta Thang Sin fair. It's hard to forget the beauty of mountains and the warm welcome dinner by the fire is never turned off ...

Translated by HT

Source: SGTT

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