Bath ban hinders Vung Tau tourism

Published:  08:52 Monday - July 02, 2012

Bath ban hinders Vung Tau tourism

Bathing ban in the sea out of the working hours (7am-5pm) has risen difficult for Vung Tau city’s tourism industry.<br>

Local people here said that this ban is ridiculous because they have to work and not have time for having bath in the sea after 5pm.

Mr. Doan The Long, from the Vung Tau-Paradise JV Company, which manages a beach in Vung Tau city, said that this ban is unreasonable and his company has asked the local authorities to extend the bathing time.

However, Long said that while waiting for the local government’s decision, his company could not open its beach before 7am and after 5pm because rescue workers only work from 7am to 5pm. The firm would have to take full responsibility for drowning cases that occur during the time without rescue workers’ presence.

Mr. Pham Khac To, vice head of the management board of tourism sites in Vung Tau city, explained that rescue workers could be able to work from 7am to 5pm. “It is difficult to recruit a rescue worker,” he said.

The ban was issued in August 1996 but it was not be implemented until May 27, 2012, when Vung Tau authorities issued a warning on the danger of bathing in the sea before 7am and after 5pm, when rescue workers do not work. Because of the ‘warning’, tourist sites have banned locals and tourists from having bath in the sea during the ‘warned’ time.

Vung Tau’s Vice Chair, Ms. Truong Thi Huong said that the city issued the warning because many drowning cases occurred in the early morning and late afternoon, when rescue workers do not work. However, she added: “We will extend the time to 7pm.” Meantime, the central city of Da nang permits tourists to have bath in the sea between 4.30am and 7pm.


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