Opening the Culture and Development Week in Ha Noi

Published:  23:40 Tuesday - March 06, 2012

Opening the Culture and Development Week in Ha Noi

The Week of Culture and Development started from yesterday, March 05 and will last until March 09 in Ha Noi. It is held by the United Nations’ Cultural, Scientific and Educational organization in coordination with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and several local and central organizations partners.


Taking place at the Press Club, 59A Ly Thai To, the Week includes a series of events, from policy dialogues to scientific conferences and round-table meetings with the Press…on the preservation and promotion of Vietnam’s cultural heritage.

The dialogue on March 05 has the title “Strengthening cooperation to preserve and promote culture for Vietnam’s sustainable development”. This is the first time in Vietnam, UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the UNESCO National Commission of Vietnam (MOFA) and the senior management representative for the private sector talk to the Press on cultural preservation and promotion for sustainable development.

The latter conferences include “Balancing heritage conservation and Vietnam modernization” “Heritage education at school”, “Developing an action plan to enhance the implementation of World Heritage Convention in Vietnam”, cooperation signing “Sustainable tourism development at My Son World Heritage”…The conferences pay the attention of local and central research, management institutes.

At the conferences, multi-faceted relationship between culture and development will be discussed and illustrated by lively research results, and be acknowledged from many different angles: different level management agencies, policy makers, international donors, and the social, media and business organizations.

 Within the Culture and Development Week, there will be films screened free about the risk of indigenous cultural loss due to tourism exploitation.


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