Japanese rickshaw trippers stop for Da Nang visit

Published:  14:13 Wednesday - March 01, 2017

Japanese rickshaw trippers stop for Da Nang visit

Three young Japanese travelers – Suzuki Yuuji, Hirano Ken and Takahashi Keisuke – paid a stop at the central city during their world Jinrikisha (hand-pulled rickshaw) tour yesterday.

The trio started their trip last September and have already visited Singapore, Hong Kong and the Chinese maibland.

Earlier, they passed Ha Noi, Hai Phong and many cities and provinces along Viet Nam.

The Japanese said they wished to complete their world trip in three years in promotion of Japanese culture, people and land before 2020 Toyko Olympics.

Suzuki Yuuji said they pull in turn and only stop only when they are too tired.

“We often sleep on road. The best places were several guesthouses during the trip,” Suzuki said in an exchanged with students from Da Nang-based Dong A College.

“We could not find any place to sleep when were on the way from Hai Phong to Ha Noi with cold weather. Luckily, we found a grocery shop with friendly owner. She allowed us set up tents for a night’s stay and gave us food and water,” Yuuji recalled.

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