Hoi An Attracts Russian Tourists

Published:  15:41 Friday - March 09, 2012

Hoi An Attracts Russian Tourists

Everyday from March to July, at least 180 Russian visitors will travel to Hoi An, each of whom stays for at least 10 days. This contract is signed by the large Russian travel agents with the Tourism Service Enterprises in Hoi An, Quang Nam.

To welcome tourists in March, the direct flight from Da Nang to Russia and vice versa start operation, creating opportunity for the the Central Vietnam in general and Hoi An in particular to develop tourism. This is the “gold” flight that the tourism service enterprises and international travel agents in Central Hue, Da Nang, Quang nam to Phan Thiet are eagerly awaited.

hoi an

Hoi An city

Information from Hoi An Department of Tourism and Commerce revealed Hoi An is chosen by the Russian partners for their tourists to stay for the longest time. According to the travel agents, Hoi An is an ideal destination: adjacent to Da Nang, nearby the airport, possessing good transportation services, high quality entertainment services, having a long and beautiful sea shore, island and heritages...

At the presence, almost all of the Hoi An hotels are urgently training kills for the staff and adding services for Russian guests. Moreover, large hotels in Hoi An spend 30 to 50 rooms free everyday for these VIP guests. “Russian are one of the fastidious tourists, Russia is also a potential market but it seems not to be promoted carefully yet” Mr Tran van Nhan, Deputy Department Head of Tourism and Commerce Hoi An said.

“Recently, Hoi An has established a promoting as well as marketing plan in Russia to approach the Russian market, and gets the expected results. Because the Russian travel agents, enterprises and huge partners has signed a contract, each day from March to July, Hoi An will receive at least 180 Russian guests to stay here for 10 days. Russian tourists require high quality services but after examining four or five star littoral hotels, they feel satisfied with service quality of Hoi An and sign the contract right at that time.” Mr Nhan said.

In 2011, Hoi An received more than 1.4 million international tourists, what an ideal number! While other Central regions are struggling to attract more tourists, especially foreign ones, Hoi An hotels are at the sufficient capacity.

“In 2012, it is expected that Hoi An hotels will operate at full capacity. In addition to the familiar international tourists from France, Australia, Britain...this year attracts Russian more. Moreover, local tourists also increase.” Mr Tran Van Nhan said. He also added “We are planning to invite Russian teachers to fast train the hotel's staff, but this is just a temporary solution. In long term, we will open classes learning Russian in Hoi An, serving the demand of this potential market”.


Hoi an

Bridge Pagoda in Hoi An

Hoi An

Ancient Hoi An

Hoi An

Tourists visiting Hoi An

hoi An

Hoi an

A booth in Hoi An

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