Daily life on the terraced mountain of Khau Pha

Published:  12:05 Monday - June 25, 2012

Daily life on the terraced mountain of Khau Pha

Farmers in Yen Bai Province are fighting against nature to raise their crops on the terraces of Khau Pha Mountain Pass, where the farming has always been difficult with altitudes of 1,200-1,500 metres.

 The rice terraces of Cao Pha Commune

When the harvest season ends for the farmers in the delta, it is just starting for H'Mong farmers in the mountainous areas. They toil all day long on the picturesque paddies.

Rain is the only source of water for the fields


Family grows rice after the rain in Che Cu Nha Commune


Each terrace is about is two metres high


Farmers have to ride motorbikes to get to their farms


A lunch box




People pull up the young rice plants from the lower fields



Young rice plants are brought to higher fields by foot and motorbike.


Children playing in the field



The rice fields

Source: dtinews.vn

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